1. Application. These Terms & Conditions of Sale issued 
on 12th October 1999 shall apply to all future sales of goods 
without exception, and supersede any previous issue.

2. Price variation. Price applicable to the sale of goods by 
the Company to the customer shall be the price ruling at the 
date of despatch. The Company therefore reserves the right to 
amend prices quoted at the date of the placing of an order by the 
customer notifying the customer in writing.

3. Carriage. The Company reserves the right as part of a 
contract of sale to impose such carriage charges as shall be laid 
down by Company Policy. The Company has sole choice of 
method of delivery and of carrier or carriers employed.

4 Despatch. Despatch times are quoted without engagement, 
although every endeavour will be made to adhere to the times 
quoted. Under no circumstances shall the Company be liable for 
any loss arising from delay in despatch howsoever caused. Time 
shall not be of the essence of any contract of sale.

5. Damage and Loss in Transit. 
(i) The Company accepts no liability for any damage to goods 
in transit unless notified to the Company within twenty four 
hours after delivery. 
(ii) In the case of non-delivery the Company accepts no liability 
of any sort unless notified within 48 hours of despatch. 
(iii) The Company's liabilty for damagein transit or non- 
delivery of goods duly notified to it in accordance with the 
above, shall in any event be limited solely to replacement of the 
goods within a reasonable time whether non-delivery or damage 
is due to the Company's negligence or otherwise. 
(iv) If goods are to be returned for any reason, a delivery note 
number must be quoted. 
(v) In circumstances where goods need to be returned due to 
customer erroe, the Company retains the right to authorise their 
collection, or return by the customer. In certain circumstances 
there will be a 15 restocking and handling charge, as well as 
any charges imposed by the manaufacturer of the goods. 
(vi) Goods not in condition for resale will not be accepted for 

6 Claims. Subject to the provisions of condition 5. all claims 
for goods alleged to be defective may be required to be returned 
to the Company for inspection. Should the Company be satisfied 
as to the defects then it retains the option to either replace the 
defective goods within a reasonable time or credit the customer 
with the contract price. All defective goods so returned shall 
be the property of the Company, except as provided above, the 
Company shall have no liabilty whatsoever arising out of any 
agreement to sell or sale of goods including claims for direct 
consequential or other loss, damage or expense, whether arising 
or alleged to arise under any warranty statement, conditional 
terms expressed or implied. statutory or otherwise. or in 
negligence or alleged negligence on the part of the Company or 
otherwise. In no circumstances shall the Company be liable for 
loss or damage in excess of the contract sale price.

7. Risk and Title. 
(i) Risk of loss of or damage to the goods shall pass to the 
customer at the time of delivery. 
(ii) The legal and beneficial ownership of the goods shall not 
pass to the customer until payment in full of all sums due and 
owing by the customer to the seller in respect of the goods is 
(iii) It is not commercially viable to individually identify each 
item sold with a serial or other mark. Therefore until full 
payment, the customer shall not mix or store the goods with 
any other goods in his possession and shall take all reasonable 
steps to ensure that the goods remain readily indentifiable as the 
property of the Company. Where the property of the Company 
is not kept separately, and in the case of a retention of the title 
claim against a receiver or liquidator. the Company shall not 
be required to prove that an item of merchandise still evident is 
directly attributable to a particular unpaid invoice, but merely 
establish that, by virtue of F.I.F.O stock rotation. any goods in 
evidence of the type which is unpaid for. may be reasonably 
stated to be those goods which are unpaid for. and thus to be said 
to be the property of the Company. 
(iv) In the event that the Company's goods are sold or provided 
to a third party by way of trade or otherwise, the Company 
reserves the right to garnish sequester or otherwise hold security 
over any funds payable by the third party in respect of those 
goods. The customer shall allow full access to any books and 
records which shall help establish the identity of such third party, 
and the means for securing and identifying such payments as 
relate to the Company's goods.

9. Intepretation. Any agreement between the Company and 
the purchaser shall be subject and governed by the domestic law 
of England. 


10. Purchaser is soley responsible for the payment of any import duties & taxes